Services at their best

KASCO group has operated as a trading enterprise with a diversified international business portfolio and investments. Today, it spans the region with wide range of interests that varies from; oil and gas trading, shipping and marine services, transportation and logistics, to real estate and hospitality, all with the privilege of working with some of the most renowned companies in the world, lead KASCO group to become a prominent player in the international trading industry.


KASCO group became one entity merging all its subsidiaries and other companies that covers many different industries, to one that has grown beyond its aspirations. Through its mission, KASCO group has expanded its scope and has become one of the vital companies that provides specialized solutions to many sectors in the region through operating and managing it’s own tankers and managing transportation & logistics to these commodities through their own shipping and marine services, providing specialized solutions for different sectors in the region. Today KASCO group owns its fleet of oil tankers, gas carriers, supply and tugboats as well as barges and world-class logistics solutions.

The entire operation is professionally run by highly qualified and motivated expertise through a network of offices in the UAE and abroad. Commitment and honesty in providing exceptional services to the customers have placed KASCO group in good stead and given them an advantage over competition in their pursuit of excellence.

Maintain and grow our reputation as a leading investment organization in its designated sectors in the region that is mostly admired for its people, partnerships and performance.
Our group’s mission is to be distinguished and recognized for supplying preeminent products and services in the trading, Shipping & transportation of the oil industry, to real estate and hospitality business, all with the aim to meet our clients’ needs/requirements, growth of investments and contribute to the development of the countries in which we operate.
  • Performance: We rely on Excellence as a core value of the Performance of our Group.
  • Integrity: We believe in honesty, reliability, ethics, and fairness with our people.
  • Loyalty: We pride ourselves on our unwavering Loyalty that develops Healthy, long-lasting relations.
  • Safety: We focus on Protecting our employees’ Health and Safety. Transparency: We manage our business with Transparency to create a Culture of Honesty

Team & Leadership

Ours is considered a comprehensive culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence with a select group of individuals that combine exceptional talent, innovative thinking, and a passion to do better every day, which is why we commit to invest in providing our team with the tools and guidance to excel in everything they do. Today, KASCO group is steered by an international leadership team with diversified backgrounds and deep experience in related businesses and records of achievements at every level. Our team works hard to make sure that we achieve our long term strategic goals, and become the most valued and trustworthy partner in the Middle East/Region in all the industries we serve.