Real Estate Development

The development of real estate is one of the most important fundamentals that we are working towards in order to come out with successful real estate units that suit the needs of the market. This is the base of our work, which includes the development of many residential, commercial and touristic areas. We add value and quality through enhancing developments and service units that are suitable to the needs of the community and target groups which includes all stages of real estate developments and implementation.

Today at KASCO Properties we continue to seek opportunities that meet our investment and brokerage benchmarks. With full property management and Hotel development investments in the UAE, Iraq and abroad, offering end-to-end services along the real estate value chain, from facility management to ownership and joint-ventures for both residence and commercial properties in Canada, Iraq and the UAE. We always aim to actively target properties and hospitality investments where we can improve both the asset and the overall community.

Our Projects


We are taking all that is new in hospitality as we have existing projects of hotels in the United Arab Emirates and we are always striving to implement unique and modern designs of its kind

Along the lines of hospitality we value the official partnership with a French Food and Beverage chain in the Gulf area, as we believe that great chains can grow rapidly if well managed.